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Friday, January 24, 2020

Biblia del Oro: Spanish Protestant Bible

Casiodoro de Reina worked for years putting this 1569 Spanish-language Bible together. I just finished the display (shown above) of a page from the book of Matthew (chapter 10). It recently celebrated its 450th anniversary in 2019. Until that time, I had not heard of any type of Spanish language Bible that was Protestant. Turns out, Casiodoro de Reina was a friend of Martin Luther. He seemed to have moved around a lot, due to his Protestant leanings during the years of the Reformation. When I learned about his translation, and saw that a page had come onto the market, I grabbed it immediately for my Wonders of the Bible collection. As the year (2020) goes on, I will have to dedicate a web page and podcast to this most fascinating piece of Biblical history. But, for now, my time in 2020 so far has been devoted to setting up a Wonders of the Bible display / exhibit here in Allentown, PA. More information on this as it continues to unfold.