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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Cooper Square Gutenberg Bible: Revelation

GUTENBERG BIBLE: This title page from the Book of Revelation (apocalypse), was printed by Cooper Square Publishers of New York, NY. The Gutenberg Bible project was started in the year 1956, and completed in the year 1961. They duplicated all of Johann Gutenberg's processes, and the results were facsimiles exact to the original … from the inks to the cotton rag paper. Sources for this edition were Gutenberg Bibles from the Berlin Staatsbibliothek and the Fulda Landesbibliothek. I usually display this page along with the title page to Genesis. The Gutenberg Bible was printed between the years 1450 and 1455. There are only 20 known complete copies in the world today. God Bless You -- Today and Every Day! *AND* Remember to love others, just as Jesus Christ loves YOU!