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Friday, January 26, 2018

Morning Prayer Stereoview 1899

Year: 1899. "Early Morning Prayer" by Keystone View Company, Meadville, Pennsylvania. During the 1800's -- and from the invention of 3D stereo photography -- many companies produced stereographs to be viewed in 3D stereoscopes. This was before radio, television, and other forms of electronic entertainment. People would gather together and view stereographs by candle light or gas light. Some stereographs were produced by companies and were common. Other stereographs were produced by individual photographers. The Wonders of the Bible collection has one of the world's largest collections of one-of-a-kind, antique 3-D stereographs depicting Christianity and church life. God Bless You Today and Every Day!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Christian 3D Lenticular Stereo Postcard

In the 1950's and 1960's, Toppan Printing Company produced many popular Christian-based, 3D stereo postcards. This one is very colorful and shows a lot of dimension and depth when seen in person. Considered by many to be only novelties, I take their history and production very seriously, and respectfully include them in my Wonders of the Bible collection. God Bless You ... Today and EVERY DAY!

Friday, January 12, 2018

God and Satan Engraving 1800's

DID YOU KNOW: Wonders of the Bible has TEN online galleries / albums on Facebook. It is like visiting a Christian museum right in your own home, school or office ... or anywhere you choose. Just go to the "Photos" section on our Facebook page, and select any of the following categories that interests you: (1) Genesis: Early Earth; (2) Holography: 3D Laser Holograms; (3) Event Photos; (4) Micro / Nano Scripture; (5) Bibles / Sacred Writings; (6) 3D Film, Strips and Cards; (7) Prints, Engravings and Etchings; (8) Christian 3D Stereographs; (9) 3D Lenticulars; (10) Christian Ephemera. Tell your family and friends about Wonders of the Bible. God Bless You … Today and EVERY Day!

Jesus and the Resurrection 3D Lenticular

JESUS and the RESURRECTION; St. Matthew 28:9; circa 1950's. This is a 3-Dimensional picture called a "Lentograph". The original is from the work of Christian artist/sculptor Paul Cunningham. He spent his entire adult life building these 3-D model dioramas for two museums: the Prince of Peace museum in Gettysburg, PA, and the Price of Peace memorial of Silver Springs, Florida. Both have been closed for many years. The Lentograph technology sends the right image to the right eye, and the left image to the left eye, via a lenticular lens over the 3-D photograph. This gives the viewer a sense of actually being there again. I have a collection of these Paul Cunningham 3-D lentographs in my Wonders of the Bible collection -- which is the largest collection of 3-D Christian imaging science and technology in the world today. God Bless You -- Today and Every Day!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Jesus and Satan 1871

Jesus and Satan 3D stereo view card from the year 1871. A most unusual image from F.G. Weller. It shows Satan keeping the flames of fire going, while Jesus works to put the flames of fire out. This card has great 3D when placed into a stereoscope. One can see that it is not a flat illustration, but an actual 3D constructed miniature diorama. May God Bless You throughout the upcoming year of 2018 ... Today and EVERY DAY!

Rembrandt and the Bible

NOTE: I will be working with lasers, holography, and several of Rembrandt's etchings in the upcoming year of 2018. I will be posting project updates here @ Wonders of the Bible blog.

Christ Preaching: Rembrandt spent many years creating well-known, copper plate etchings with Biblical themes from both the Old and New Testament. He focused a great deal of attention on the life and activities of Jesus Christ. This print is struck from Rembrandt's original work by Charles Amand-Durand. These are considered to be the finest posthumous Rembrandt prints in the world today. Amand-Durand was quite clever and innovative: instead of working from Rembrandt's existing plates from the 1600's -- which were quite old and worn out by the 1800's -- he used a new technique of the day titled "heliography", which allowed him to work with Rembrandt's earliest, untouched museum prints. His resulting 19th century prints were so accurate that only a handful of experts throughout the world could distinguish them apart. This print is in the Wonders of the Bible collection. God Bless You Today and Every Day.