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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Bible Related Coin Collection

A quick snapshot of my humble Bible related coin collection. Coins from the era of Pontius Pilate, Constantine, a Widow's Mite, and the first US coin to have "In God We Trust" minted on it. Also shows pre-revolutionary paper currency with a Bible printed on it, and one of my favorites: a complete set of Lord's Prayer coins ... the kind that you put into a machine and it flattens your coin and mints something on it. These machines are still around, and you're most likely to find them at tourist sites. But you're not likely to find one that stamps the Lord's Prayer any longer. This is a complete set containing a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half-dollar. I would like to add a sheckel someday when finances allow. They're rather pricey coins! Right now, I'm financing the matting and framing of many pieces for the Wonders of the Bible exhibit space. Fortunately, my graphic arts skills have been allowing me to design and execute each Bible leaf exhibit, which has kept costs down considerably. But more on that later.

I now have expanded to two large rooms: one will be the Bible exhibit room, including the history of the Bible in Early Pennsylvania; and the new, second room will be for future communication technologies, such as lasers, holograms, and photonics.