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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Christian 3D Imaging Research

Christian 3D Research: This 1st century Christian clay jar (lower right) was recorded using two technologies of the future: 3DHD digital auto- stereoscopic imaging (lower left; shot in my studio); and a 3-dimensional laser hologram recorded onto photopolymer emulsion on glass plate (upper center; shot in my laser holography laboratory). Both of these technologies will allow Biblical artifacts to be put on display -- with astonishing realism -- anywhere at anytime, as if the original object itself was really there. Thus, the traditional definition of what a "museum" is will one day be rewritten. My calling is to help develop technologies to take the good news of Jesus Christ into the future ... including humanity's future in orbiting space colonies, and beyond. Learn more here at Wonders of the Bible. Tell your friends and family. God Bless you.