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Friday, January 12, 2018

Jesus and the Resurrection 3D Lenticular

JESUS and the RESURRECTION; St. Matthew 28:9; circa 1950's. This is a 3-Dimensional picture called a "Lentograph". The original is from the work of Christian artist/sculptor Paul Cunningham. He spent his entire adult life building these 3-D model dioramas for two museums: the Prince of Peace museum in Gettysburg, PA, and the Price of Peace memorial of Silver Springs, Florida. Both have been closed for many years. The Lentograph technology sends the right image to the right eye, and the left image to the left eye, via a lenticular lens over the 3-D photograph. This gives the viewer a sense of actually being there again. I have a collection of these Paul Cunningham 3-D lentographs in my Wonders of the Bible collection -- which is the largest collection of 3-D Christian imaging science and technology in the world today. God Bless You -- Today and Every Day!