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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

1611 First Edition King James Bible Pages

Genesis and Revelation title pages from a 1611 first-edition King James Bible, printed in London by Robert Barker. The two books -- the first and the last of the Christian Holy Bible -- relate to each other in very interesting ways: (1) Genesis: the commencement of Heaven and Earth (ch 1:1) / Revelation: the consummation of Heaven and Earth (ch 21:1). (2) Genesis: the entrance of sin and the curse (ch 3:1-19) / Revelation: the end of sin and the curse (ch 21:27 22:3). (3) Genesis: the dawn of Satan and his activities (ch 3:1-7) / Revelation: the doom of Satan and his activities. (4) Genesis: the tree of life relinquished (ch 2-9, 3:24) / Revelation: the tree of life regained (ch 22:2). (5) Genesis: death makes its entrance (ch 2:17 - 5:5) / Revelation: death makes its exit (ch 21:4). (6) Genesis: sorrow begins (ch 3:16) / Revelation: sorrow is banished (ch 21:4).

For any collector, it would be a blessing to acquire either one of these very rare title pages. To add both to the Wonders of the Bible collection is just beyond anything I could have ever imagined. God Bless You Today -- And Every Day!