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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Evangelism: Technology and Our Future in Space

Christian laser communications center, moon base, year 2320: Taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the stars and beyond (illustration part of the Wonders of the Bible collection).

I often speak of the future (Lord willing) of Christianity, and how science and technology will be used for evangelism.  Most likely our first experiences will be with orbital habitats, rather than habitats on the surface of another heavenly body (such as the moon or mars). Of course, we already have the International Space Station, where humans have "lived" away from Earth for many months at a time. One could envision the same with the moon and mars: orbital habitats for long-term living, with visits made to the surface being more short-term.

If and when this movement into space takes place, there still will be a responsibility for bringing souls to Christ. I have already demonstrated how this could / will be done via free-space laser communication technologies. Even over vast distances in space ... such as between localized orbital stations between Earth / Moon and Mars.

Jesus Christ will be returning as promised. Until that glorious moment arrives, we must plan for the future of Christian communications -- whether Earth based, or space based.