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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A New Home for Wonders of the Bible

Since I've always been interested in 3-dimensional space, it should come as no surprise to find a totally empty room fascinating ... and full of potential.

Such is the case with the above photo showing what will be part of the new "home" to the Wonders of the Bible collection and exhibits. We are all taking things one step at a time, but, at the same time, we are hoping to be able to accommodate visiting home school groups, church and youth groups, etc.

Even with an empty room it has been a lot of work documenting the collection for insurance purposes, identifying and preparing pieces of the collection that have been in storage, and many other similar to-do items ... on a seemingly never-ending check list.

We would like this to be an educational experience,  centered around communication technologies: past, present and future. Everything from clay cuneiform tablets, to papyri, to scrolls, to ancient hand-written manuscripts, to the introduction of the printing press, to electronics, and looking ahead to future laser and holographic media (photonics). All centered around the communication (and preservation) of God's Holy Word.

It is a bit premature to give the location information at this time, but I will continue to give updates until the time comes for a more "official" announcement.

-- Frank DeFreitas