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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

We are both retired -- and in our new home at the Jersey shore...

Ocean City New Jersey
Welcome to December 2020. You may (or may not) have been wondering where we have been since our last post back in September. Well, it is a very long story. The short version is that Deb has retired ... so we are both fully retired now.

We have purchased a home in a senior retirement community at the Jersey shore.

After living in Allentown, Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley) for 41 years, I have now moved back to the home state of my birth: New Jersey. Deb grew up in New Jersey (Belmawr), and we both lived in New Jersey for a couple of years after getting married in 1977 (Barrington -- right by Edmund Scientifics), before making our way to Allentown, PA in 1979.

I had my laser and holography studio/lab in Allentown from 1983 through 2017.

We are located a few miles inland from the ocean and beach, which will (hopefully) provide somewhat of a buffer during coastal storms.

As of December 1st (and this post), we are living here full-time. Everything is in place (mostly). I still have to set up my recording equipment for my WOTB podcast, all in due time. I even have the space to set up a small holography area. Many of you know that I have lasers and holograms in my blood!

I hope everyone is doing well, and, Lord willing, I hope to be able to once again feature collection items that will be of interest and inspiration to you, my dear readers. -- Frank (and Deb) DeFreitas
Ocean City New Jersey