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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The First Bible Printed in New Jersey

Since the Wonders of the Bible collection is now located in the great state of New Jersey, I thought it would be only proper to start off my first NJ post with that of the first Holy Bible ever printed in the state: the 1791 Isaac Collins Bible.

In the year 1791, George Washington was President, John Adams was Vice President, and Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of State.

It was in this year that Trenton, New Jersey printer Isaac Collins printed his now-famous "family Bible" ... a version of the King James Bible. For the era, it was one of the most accurately printed Bibles ever produced up until that time. It contained only two errors: one was a misplaced punctuation mark, and the other was a broken letter made by a faulty piece of lead type.

This 1791 Bible was the first to replace the "Dedicated to King James" at the front of all King James translations with "To the Reader". This introduction was written by John Whitherspoon, a signer of the Delcaration of Independence.

The page (leaf) that is in the Wonders of the Bible collection is from I Samuel, and covers the account of David and Goliath.

I'll be exhibiting this piece of American and state of New Jersey history at my Wonders of the Bible presentations ... whenever they will be able to start up again. Hopefully soon. And, of course, Lord willing.

Now that I live in New Jersey, I am looking forward to meeting many Bible history enthusiasts.