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Friday, January 13, 2017

Jesus and the Children: 3D Lenticular Diorama

1940's: Jesus and the Children. Our second (in a series) 3D diorama scene by renown Christian artist Paul Cunningham; 3D lenticular recording by famous Victor Anderson. 30 x 40 CM (12 x 16 in.). The actual dioramas were part of the Prince of Peace Memorial in Silver Springs, Florida; and Prince of Peace Museum in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Both attractions now long closed. These 3D lenticular recordings are part of the Wonders of the Bible collection.

" … For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." This beautiful line of scripture taken from Matthew 19:14, reveals Christ's deep concern about children as He blesses them on the shores of Galilee. His meaningful message is hidden momentarily, for children will be children whether in that day or today.
This wandering family of shepherds were typical of the people amongst whom Christ conducted His ministry. Seldom was their lonely life brightened by a visitor, and never before by one with such a magnetic personality … one who would leave His message of love ringing in their ears for a long time to come.

God Bless!