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Monday, August 14, 2017

Micro Scripture

Yes! God uses science and technology! At one time in the 1800's, this microphotograph was the smallest image ever created of a nativity scene. I am showing it here through an early 20th century instrument that projects microscopic images via focused beam of light. What was / is the purpose of making micro and nano Biblical scripture and art? To answer that question, I must refer to the famous saying: "The hand of God works in mysterious ways". From the mid-1800's through the mid 1900's, the Lord's Prayer was the reference standard for showing advancements in miniaturization. People stood in long lines at science and technology expositions to look through a microscope at it. The microphotographs of the 1800's eventually led to microfilm. Microfilm eventually led to micro-lithography. Micro-lithography led to printed circuits. Printed circuits led to the space age and the computers and smart phones that you are using right at this very moment. And it all traces back to the microscopic scripture of John Benjamin Dancer in the mid 1800's.