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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rock of Moses Stereoview

THE ROCK OF MOSES: Antique 3D stereo photography by Edward Wilson, Philadelphia, 1882. "Located in the beautiful Wady Feiran, and declared to be the rock struck by Moses to supply the thirsty Israelites with water, as mentioned in Exodus XVII:6. The wedged-shaped depression, from which a piece must have fallen, is said to have been caused by the rod of Moses. From this depression the waters miraculously flowed." This card can be viewed in 3D depth when placed in an antique stereoscope. It is almost as if you were there again. There are many "regular" photographs of this rock, but not many as a 3D stereoview card. One of several 3D cards showing the split rock of Moses in my Wonders of the Bible collection. God Bless You Today -- And EVERY DAY! Love one another … just as Jesus loves YOU!