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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Promises of a Good Citizen 1947

From 1947 through 1949, the original Freedom Train toured the United States, bringing historical artifacts, manuscripts and documents to all Americans. This is a post card from that tour, and it is titled "The Nine Promises of a Good Citizen". I'd like to type out those promises for you here at the Wonders of the Bible blog:

1. I will vote in all elections. I will inform myself on candidates and issues and will use my greatest influence to see that honest and capable officials are elected. I will accept public office when I can serve my community or my country thereby.

2. I will serve on a jury when asked.

3. I will respect and obey the laws. I will assist public officials in preventing crime and the courts in giving evidence.

4. I will pay my taxes understandingly (if not cheerfully).

5. I will work for peace but will dutifully accept my responsibilities in time of war and will respect the Flag.

6. In thought, expression and action, at home, at school, and in all my contacts, I will avoid any group prejudice, based on class, race, or religion.

7. I will support our system of free public education by doing everything I can to improve the schools in my own community.

8. I will try to make my community a better place in which to live.

9. I will practive and teach the principles of good citizenship right in my own home.

-- 30 --

*** Tomorrow's selection will contain the Freedom Pledge.

Look for much more about the 1947 and the 1976 Freedom Trains in the upcoming remaining days of June 2020, here at the Wonders of the Bible blog.

All part of my BibleAmerica250 celebration of the upcoming 2026 Semiquincentennial.