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Monday, June 22, 2020

William Woodruff Declaration of Independence

I must apologize that -- at the present time -- I cannot make a full-frame photograph of this William Woodruff Declaration of Independence broadside. The size is rather large (as most DOI's are), measuring in at 24 x 28 inches. I do not yet have it framed. But I managed to take a few photos ... in pieces.

Here in June 2020, I am announcing my new BibleAmerica250 exhibits and presentations. I hope to show how the Christian Holy Bible played a major role in the founding of the United States of America in 1776. It is to celebrate the Semiquincentennial in the year 2026.

This engraving is decribed online as (paraphrasing): "This engraved broadside is headed by an eagle clutching arrows, and an olive branch above medallion portraits of Washington, Jefferson, and Adams. The seals of the original thirteen states are  set within a decorative leafy border, and the text of the Declaration is above engraved facsimile signatures. The lower margin contains Woodruff's dedication at center, and has the Rogers imprint below."Engraved by Wm. Woodruff" is located just below the image at lower right."

Washington is shown in military attire, and it is noted that the publishers were Phelps & Ensign.

This particular piece is noted as an "authentic copy from the original steel engraving".

I must say that it is quite beautiful, and very impressive when viewed in person at its given size.

Once I have it framed, it will be added to my Wonders of the Bible exhibits, along with several other Declarations that are in the collection.