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Monday, June 15, 2020

Ronald Reagan Reads Declaration of Independence

Here we have a 33 1/3 record of then-govenor Ronald Reagan reading the Declaration of Independence, noted "for the All American Boy and Girl". One can "hear the living story of our American heritage with all the exciting sounds of music".

Its not too difficult to find one of these records online, but to find one with an intact slip cover is a real treat for any collection. This will go on display with my latest Wonders of the Bible exhibit I am putting together ... showcasing the 250th anniversary of the 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia.

It is called BibleAmerica250.

After I retired, and moved from our house into our retirement apartment, I gave a lot of things away, including my old record player. I believe one of our daughters may have it. As soon as the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted for our area, I will attempt to regain use of the record player and record this. I'll place the audio file here on the Blog for all to enjoy.